An exclusive look at the Heritage Day Festivities 2014

Last week The Gullah Project team traveled to St. Helena Island to attend the 32nd Annual Heritage Days Celebration. From covering the Road of Remembrance play directed by Sara’ Reynolds Green, to climbing trees with a GoPro camera to photograph Ben Johnson’s produce booth, the team had an outrageously good time. Take a moment to visit this exclusive behind theContinue reading “An exclusive look at the Heritage Day Festivities 2014”

St. Helena Island is a magical place on the South Carolina coastline. African Americans have farmed and fished here for centuries: first as plantation slaves, then as freedmen owning small subsistence operations.  It’s now one of the last farming communities on the East Coast that hasn’t been swallowed up by development.  This week catch up with theContinue reading

Ben C. Johnson Jr.

“It wasn’t a sport, it wasn’t a game, it was for food and I didn’t realize how good it was until I left.” – Ben C. Johnson Jr. This week on The Gullah Project, Mr. Johnson shares with the team his love for crabbing on St. Helena Island.  Watch this interview at or by clicking on the photographContinue reading “Ben C. Johnson Jr.”

Lowcountry Cookin’ at Gullah Grub

“The thing about this Gullah style cooking is when you get a chance, you got to be able to use all your senses.” Says Bill Green the owner of The Gullah Grub a restaurant located on St. Helena Island that specializes in authentic LoCountry cooking. To learn more about the The Gullah Grub Restaurant andContinue reading “Lowcountry Cookin’ at Gullah Grub”

Craig & Darlene Dopson

“I love shrimping, I rather do it then anything, it’s an honest living, it’s hard work, it’s enjoyable.” -Craig Dopson Dopson’s Seafood run and operated since 1975 by Craig and Darlene Dopson is one of the last public docks located on St. Helena Island. Here they provide a service to shrimpers acting as a middleContinue reading “Craig & Darlene Dopson”