James Bradley Jr.

“I only have one boat, this dock, and my wife’s sister helps us out sometimes, but business, me and my wife and son we run the business,” states James Bradley Sr.

Bron Singleton, left, and James Bradley, Jr., unload shrimp to put it on ice.

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Official First Look at The Gullah Project


“If you’re fortunate enough to have a quarter of an acre of land, that’s a good thing. ‘Cause that’s yours.”
—Ben Johnson Jr., Gullah farmer on St. Helena Island, S.C., on resisting tourism development. 


Travel to St. Helena Island, S.C., where Gullah / Geechee residents farm and fish much the way their ancestors have on the island for centuries by taking a look at The Gullah Project’s first official trailer.
The Gullah Project
Directed by Denise McGill
Trailer Edited by Lee Ann Kornegay
Music by Djolibu Don music group