Lowcountry Cookin’ at Gullah Grub

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“The thing about this Gullah style cooking is when you get a chance, you got to be able to use all your senses.” Says Bill Green the owner of The Gullah Grub a restaurant located on St. Helena Island that specializes in authentic LoCountry cooking. To learn more about the The Gullah Grub Restaurant and to see an exclusive interview with Bill Green click on the photograph above.

Craig & Darlene Dopson

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“I love shrimping, I rather do it then anything, it’s an honest living, it’s hard work, it’s enjoyable.” -Craig Dopson

Dopson’s Seafood run and operated since 1975 by Craig and Darlene Dopson is one of the last public docks located on St. Helena Island. Here they provide a service to shrimpers acting as a middle man by buying the shrimp then selling the produce to wholesalers. To learn more about this slowly fading business click on the photograph above.

First day of oyster season begins

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After months of waiting today begins the first day of oyster season along the South Carolina coast.

Oyster season usually runs from September to April and can be easily remembered because oysters are only in season during months with the letter “r” in them.

It’s also important to remember that recreational harvesters must have a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License from the state and should also obtain an updated map found at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/marine/shellfish/shellfishmaps.