Oyster Processing at Maggioni Seafood

Oyster season starts Oct. 1. The Gullah Project team got an early look at oyster processing from Roddy Beasly owner of Maggioni Seafood, a local business on the island. Click on the photograph above to go behind the scenes of oyster processing.

The Gullah Project First Cut featured on About Harvest

The first cut of The Gullah Project documentary is getting notoriety. In just two days it’s reached 1,751 people and was featured last night on About Harvest’s official webpage.  About Harvest provides quality stories about food and agriculture in order to inform, entertain, and connect the public to the food that is on their plates.Continue reading “The Gullah Project First Cut featured on About Harvest”

First cut of documentary film reaches 1,395 people on the first day of launch

Yesterday was a major achievement for The Gullah Project. We launched the first cut of the documentary film, reaching 1,395 people. Thank you to those who have tuned in weekly to support our multimedia project and film! Watch the film at https://vimeo.com/104886650    

Official first cut of The Gullah Project’s documentary film.

The Gullah Project proudly presents the first cut to our documentary film. Denise McGill directs the documentary that follows Gullah / Geechee residents of St. Helena Island, South Carolina.  Taking much of their culture from their West African ancestors, St. Helena is one of the last Gullah farming and fishing communities left in America. Residents are nowContinue reading “Official first cut of The Gullah Project’s documentary film.”

Only one day left until The Gullah Project’s documentary film first cut arrives!

The waiting is almost over. Only ONE DAY left until The Gullah Project’s documentary film first cut! Don’t miss out.