Sara’ Reynolds Green

Feature photograph taken by: Jeremy Aaron

Nestled on ten acres just beyond the reach of high tide, Sará Reynolds Green raises produce just the way her grandmother taught her. Her family survived on this plot of land for generations by being self-sufficient, and now Green is passing her knowledge on to younger residents.

Green cultivates Marshview Community Organic Farm. Many fruits of her labor end up at The Gullah Grub restaurant owned by her husband Bill Green. Other goods are sold at farmers markets or distributed through a community supported agriculture (CSA) cooperative.

On many afternoons she teaches children from St. Helena Island to work in the garden. In her program, they learn about local varieties, planting and harvesting seasons and the feel of dirt between their fingers.

Beyond farming, both Greens then teach the students recipes using their own produce. From there, students get a chance to work in The Gullah Grub serving meals. They also work at the CSA on delivery day to meet the shareholders. Once a year they host a big dinner where the students practice all their skills and treat the people who have helped them along the way.

Filmed and edited by Dr. Buz Kloot. Interview by Denise McGill

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